DDNS client for AWS/Route53

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About DDNS Updater

ddns-updater is a command line tool to update an AWS/Route53 zone with the current IP addresses (IPv4 and/or IPv6) of the running host. Depending on the actual command line the tool:

  1. Determines the IP addresses of the running host.
  2. Updates the given host in the AWS/Route53 zone if it is no longer up-to-date. Every 24h an update is forced automatically.

Installation & usage:

A Java SE 11 Runtime Environment is required to run ddns-updater. Download the latest version from the project’s releases page and simply extract it to a folder of your choice. The archive contains a single executable Jar as well as a folder with the license information. Invoke the application via the command

java -jar ddns-updater-boot-<version>.jar [command line arguments]

The application command line supports the following options:

ddns-updater-boot-<version> [--verbose|--debug] [--quiet] [--credentials file] [--noipv4] [--noipv6] [--force] --host host

	Enable verbose logging.
	Enable debug logging.
	Only emit messages in case of warnings or failure
--credentials file
	Use <file> to read credentials (see below).
	Defaults to ~/.de.carne.ddns/credentials.conf.
	Do not detect and update IPv4 address.
	Do not detect and update IPv6 address.
	Forces an update (even if the zone is considered up-to-date).
	Run but do not apply any DNS changes.
--host host
	The host name to update.

Credentials file

See example.




This project is subject to the the GNU General Public License version 3 or later version. See LICENSE information for details.